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  Indulge in the five-star Yuyang, have fun in the colorful Christmas, enjoy the most fantastic holiday in the midwinter with your lover! Seafood, steak light the luxurious buffet feast, invite you to enjoy classic cuisine of Yuyang. In high-end atmosphere with high quality service, feel the hot and moving modern dance, experience the profound folk art, appreciate the gorgeous and dazzling acrobatics, magic, and enjoy the charming and passionate famous song and dance. Magnificent century hall inside, CBD bustling nightscape outside, the envoys from Germany, Australia, Canada, European Union, etc. will celebrate Christmas Eve with you from the other side of the river! On the fantastic Christmas Eve, Yuyang only focuses on your satisfaction!
  Ticket: Supreme seats RMB2,888 Yuan/person 
             VIP seat RMB1,688 Yuan/person
  Date: December 24, 2009 18:30-22:00
  Place: F3 Century Hall of Yuyang Hotel

  Promotional text of Lanting Cafe buffet dinner and new folk music show:
Relish Chinese classical elegance in pavilion gallery bridges, experience the dignified foreign style among the long river! High-quality luxurious buffet dinner can make you taste all the delicious cuisines in Yuyang Hotel; fashionable and modern folk music can make you have a close contact with the national music culture. Bauhaus-style five-star Christmas dinner will cover all top-grade food! Western romance, Chinese feelings; Yuyang Hotel invites you and your lover to attend this warm year-end gluttonous feast!
  Ticket: RMB588 Yuan/2
  Date: December 24, 2009 18:30-22:00
  Location: F1 Lanting Café of Yuyang Hotel

  The guest with “Christmas Party ticket” or the guest booking “Christmas turkey barbecue buffet dinner” can enjoy one night stay in the superior room in the hotel after paying another RMB 99 Yuan on the night of December 24, 2009, or have one night stay in the business suite of the hotel after paying another RMB 199 Yuan.
  For more information, please call the Public Relations Department of the hotel: (86-10) 64,669,988 extension 6313.